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Stunning Vintage Kitchenette with Mid Century Bauhaus Print
  • Stunning Vintage Kitchenette with Mid Century Bauhaus Print


    Bringing the retro back! Bold, bright and beautiful! Life can get too serious and dull sometimes, so why not surround yourself with things that make you smile?

    We've always had a soft spot for these retro kitchenettes Their versatility knows no bounds—they can be placed anywhere in your home or work. Whether you want to add a pop of personality to a blank wall, provide extra storage in your kitchen, dining area, or even your laundry room, or create an awesome bar or display cabinet, these kitchenettes have got you covered.

    This particular piece comes with its original etched glass sliding doors and a grooved china display shelf, preserving that vintage charm. To match its deep navy colour, we've added a custom mid-century Bauhaus print imported from the USA. And because we couldn't resist injecting some fun and surprise, we've finished all the interior cabinets and drawers in a vibrant, happy orange. It's a gorgeous burst of colour!

    Take a moment to appreciate the exquisite mid-century style pulls we've custom made for this beauty. We've paid attention to every detail, from refinishing the original retro legs in navy to match, to styling and finishing the metal edging to perfectly complement the new pulls. It's the little touches that truly make a difference.

    You'll be amazed at the storage capacity of this gorgeous kitchenette. The top drawer features the original wooden divider, which can be easily removed according to your preference. Behind the two sliding doors, you'll find a spacious open storage area with a single shelf. And there's more storage space behind the sliding glass doors, along with an additional shelf at the very top. And let's not forget about the generous benchtop, providing ample space for your needs.

    At Off The Hinges we bring joy and style into everyday living. This retro kitchenette perfectly embodies that philosophy, combining a vibrant aesthetic with a functional piece that will make you smile every time you see it!



    H x 180cm

    L x 135cm

    D x 50cm

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