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Iconic Allwood Sideboard with Rare Atomic Etched Glass
  • Iconic Allwood Sideboard with Rare Atomic Etched Glass


    Introducing this absolutely stunning vintage sideboard from the 1950s, crafted by the renowned WA furniture maker Allwood.

    Finished in a beautiful custom deep forest green finish to complement the gold handles and legs. The new curved geometric handles give it a modern twist, perfectly complementing the overall aesthetic. The new legs we custom built especially for the style and shape of this sideboard.

    One standout feature are the original glass doors with a striking atomic pattern etched into the glass in black and gold. A truly rare and highly collectable feature we have never seen before and was the centre for our design of this piece. You'll love the original mirror on the backboard, which reflects the rare and stunning glass doors.

    As for the drawers, they held a few glimpses into this sideboard’s past. We found a couple of things in the drawers. The drawers were lined with the local newspaper from 1991, which my partner pulled out to read. Not as old as the cabinet, but a fun read for over 30 years ago. It had an article with photos about a house built in the suburb City Beach, stating it even had a connection for fax line! My partner took the article to that house, knocked on the door and gave it to the current owners. They moved in 5 years after the article was printed. They loved it and were going to frame the article.
    The other was a little card stating a name and they were the winner of the cabinet it was for Northam (a small country town) Country Club opening day door prize.

    Now the drawers have been lined with a stunning geometric print, adding an extra layer of detail. The dovetail joinery ensures durability, and this has been hand painted to highlight the craftsmanship and ensure even the smallest details we don’t forget and want to showcase.

    This vintage sideboard is a true collector’s piece. It's an absolute stunner that will undoubtedly become a conversation piece in your home. Don't miss out on this remarkable piece of furniture and the opportunity to continues its history and lifetime of stories.

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