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Gerald's Mid Century Drawers / Sideboard
  • Gerald's Mid Century Drawers / Sideboard


    These stunning vintage drawers have quite a story to tell—they once belonged to Gerald, who moved into aged care. I've had the privilege of acquiring a few of his furniture pieces. Each one exhibits exceptional craftsmanship and has been lovingly maintained. Some have undergone restoration, while others have been given a new lease on life.

    Take a moment to appreciate the exquisite bevelled timber edging framing these mid-century modern drawers! The deep, moody steel blue colour is perfectly complemented by walnut trim, handles, and legs. And let's not forget the impeccable craftsmanship—dovetail joins at both the back and front of the drawers ensure durability and timeless appeal.

    We replaced the original handles with some carefully curated vintage timber pulls from our collection. Additionally, we raised the height of the drawers with new timber legs, enhancing both their aesthetics and functionality. And of course, we couldn't resist incorporating the Danish retro print adorning the interiors of all six drawers, reminiscent of the 1960s.

    This gorgeous piece makes a bold statement and is versatile in design, making it suitable for any room. Whether you need bedroom drawers, a buffet, sideboard, office or study storage, or an eye catching entryway console, setting the tone for your home's style.

    We can't help but wonder—what would Gerald say? His furniture has found new life and continues to bring joy and beauty to homes. We hope we've done justice to his cherished possessions and that they would make him proud.

    Join us in celebrating the legacy of Gerald's furniture by incorporating this stunning piece into your own home. Embrace its timeless appeal and make it a part of your own story.


    Dimensions - L x 121cm, D x 47cm, H x 90cm

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