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meet the maker.

Off the Hinges founder, Nicole, brings a bold spirit and a keen eye for a colour to her work. She draws on her many talents spanning art, design, construction and restoration combined with her obsession to create in a sustainable way. Nicole inherited her enthusiasm for craftsmanship. Her grandfather was a marquetry artist and her father was a cabinet maker by trade turned builder specialising in traditonal restoration and preservation of heritage homes. As a child, she spent her days hanging around in her father’s workshop and on site soaking up the sights and sounds and nurturing a love of the transformation that was possible with imagination, skill and the right tools. Nicole was able to apply her design eye to projects throughout her life. Having spent most of her life travelling and working around the world, she has been presented with some special opportunities to showcase her talents. She has painted murals in restaurants in far north Queensland, managed large scale interior design projects, overseeing builds and fit outs of some of the world’s most prestigious superyachts in Europe, USA and the Caribbean. She has also managed restaurant and hotel builds and fit outs in the Middle East. In her spare time, Nicole has renovated homes and undertaken property developments, utilising her talent for seeing beyond what is there to what is possible.

mid century furniture vintage drawers custom dresser hairpin legs sideboard teak pulls painted furniture decoupage flower power green white drawers timber wood


At Off the Hinges we believe that joy and discovery should be at the heart of everything we do. Life shouldn’t be so serious and stressful all the time and through our furniture we want to remind people that there is always something to smile about.

We love nothing more than creating an atmosphere where conversation and storytelling flow freely, and our unique vintage furniture is the perfect centrepiece for just that. Each piece has a distinct personality and history waiting to be discovered. Our specialty is customizing each piece to create eye-catching and bold designs that are completely one-of-a-kind. By breathing new life into forgotten furniture, we aim to inspire creativity and spark joy in those who appreciate the beauty of bespoke decor. Our expert craftsmanship and use of imaginative designs and bold colours ensure that each piece gets a new chapter in its story. Because we truly believe that every piece of furniture has a story to tell.


The socially conscious consumers of today are seeking to create spaces that are both unique and environmentally friendly. Our belief is that by rescuing vintage furniture and transforming it through creative redesign, we not only reduce waste but also advance sustainable living through a circular economy. Every piece is chosen with care and redesigned by hand. Each piece taking weeks to sometimes months to transform. By selecting our exquisitely redesigned vintage items for your home, you can create a more purposeful space while also supporting the small business community and grassroot entrepreneurship.

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